Best Parking Near Haram Makkah -2023

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If you’re planning to visit Haram Makkah, one of the important things to consider is finding the best parking near Haram Makkah. Parking can be a problem if you don’t plan ahead, especially if you are visiting at peak hours. Whether you are looking for short-term or long-term parking near Haram Makkah, here is a comprehensive guide to help you find the best parking.

Parking area available nearest to Masjid Al-Haram. These parking lots are various distances from the Haram and are either free or paid. Here is the List of Parking Near Haram Makkah.

  • Kudai Parking – Free
  • Rasifa Parking – Free
  • Al Hajoon Parking – Free
  • Maskhoutah Parking – Free
  • Masjid Aisha RA Parking – Free
  • Near Masjid Nafeeh Makkah Parking – Free
  • Hajj Parking Area – Free
  • Qashlah Parking – Free

Kudai Parking – Free


The Kudai parking, which is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is the one that is most usually used while parking close to Masjid Al Haram.

Other than during Ramadan, you’ll never have a problem finding a spot in this huge, free parking lot. No private vehicles are permitted to enter the Kudai car park during the Hajj season since SAPTCO services have taken control of it.

The distance from Masjid Al-Haram, which is 4–7 kilometres, is the parking garage’s only drawback. Nonetheless, this parking lot still comes in handy because a cab arrives right when you park.

The cab rides, which range from 10-15 SR, are fairly affordable. You can take advantage of SAPTCO services during Ramadan, which are accessible around-the-clock for just 6 SR for a round-trip.

With CCTV cameras everywhere and police cars constantly monitoring the neighbourhood, safety is uncompromised. To keep track of where you parked your automobile, it is advised to take a photo of the space.

The best parking location during Ramadan is without a doubt the Kudai free parking garage.

Rasifa Parking – Free


This free car park is perfect for anyone driving from Jeddah or Madina and is located 4 kilometers east of Mosque Al-Haram. Also, you won’t have any transportation problems because it will just cost you 15 SR to take a taxi to Masjid Al-Haram.

Al Hajoon Parking – Free


This car park might be the one you’re looking for because it is also free and only a 12-minute walk away.

Given that it is 6.3 kilometres away by automobile, the cost of your cab fare will be high. Near Jannat ul Mualla is the Al Hajoon Parking lot. Remember that those who need a wheelchair or are not in good health may find this parking space to be inconvenient.

Maskhoutah Parking – Free


The Maskhoutah parking, which is situated on the main road to Haram before the Al-Maskhoutah bridge, comes next on the list. One of the nicest parking lots, this area will help you avoid a lot of difficulty. You only need to travel two kilometres through a tunnel to reach Masjid Al-Haram. Taxi fares range from 3 to 4 Sr, with a 10 Sr maximum. Moreover, SAPTCO services will provide a one-way ride for only 5-5 Sr.

Hajj Parking Area – Free


Parking at this location during Ramadan Umrah is a must because it is about 20 kilometres from the Haram.

You can take a bus for SR 10 and 45 minutes to the Haram from here.

Parking Near Haram Makkah

Parking Near Haram Makkah

Qashlah Parking – Free


During the holy months of Ramadan and the Hajj, this free parking is mostly open. On other days as well, parking is possible.

You can be required to park your vehicle on a paid roadside lot during SAPTCO Ramadan activities.

Masjid Aisha Parking – Free


You can also choose to leave your vehicle parked in the spacious lot that surrounds Masjid Aisha. You can park here for free, and the SAPTCO bus costs only three shillings to take you to the Haram.

The Great Mosque is only 4.1 kilometers away, and it would take you 6 minutes to go there.

Masjid Nafeeh Makkah Parking – Free


Parking at a location allocated specially for Masjid Al-Haram is not required. Also, you are not charged any money to park your car at the lot behind Mosque Nafeeh Makkah. From Haram, it is merely a short 9-minute walk.

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Conclusion: Parking Near Haram Makkah

Parking near Haram Makkah is a great choice for those wishing to make their pilgrimage without any hassles. The numerous lots and garages provide ample space for visitors to park, with many of them offering close proximity to the Haram. The best thing about these parking spaces is that they are affordable, secure, and convenient. Moreover, it is now easier than ever to find empty spots due to the introduction of online booking systems.

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