10 Useful Mobile Apps for Saudi Arabia

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Mobile apps for Saudi Arabia have become an essential aspect of daily life in the digital age, providing convenience, entertainment, and connectivity right at our fingertips. This article will introduce a curated list of mobile applications that are transforming the lives of Saudi citizens and residents, covering government services, healthcare, finance, and convenience. These apps offer a variety of features that enhance efficiency, accessibility, and user experience. Let’s explore the world of these groundbreaking apps that are changing the way people manage their routines in Saudi Arabia.


The Absher app in Saudi Arabia is a comprehensive platform that delivers a diverse range of government services to both residents and citizens. It simplifies the process of accessing essential services such as passport and visa applications, vehicle registration, and more. The user-friendly interface of Absher aims to improve administrative processes and provide an enhanced user experience. By simplifying interactions with government entities, it acts as a comprehensive solution for accessing crucial government services and staying informed on official matters.

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In Saudi Arabia, NAFATH serves as a digital identity platform that grants simple entry to both government and private sector services. By providing a single sign-on, the application eliminates the necessity for multiple credentials. It heightens convenience, efficacy, and security while also serving as an entrance to a range of offerings.


The Nusuk app simplifies the procedure for people who want to undertake Umrah and visit the Two Holy Mosques in Saudi Arabia. It allows users to apply for entry permits to the sacred sites and carry out Umrah. By streamlining the permit issuance process, the Nusuk app offers a hassle-free and effective approach for individuals to fulfill their religious duties.

Mobile Apps for Saudi Arabia


Tawakkalna is a mobile app in Saudi Arabia that provides many services, including education, health, religious affairs, and public services. It is easy to use and helps citizens, residents, Gulf individuals, and visitors. The app’s gooal is to make daily life better by providing easy access to important services and information.

Mada Pay

The Mada Pay application is a safe and reliable payment option for mobile devices in Saudi Arabia, allowing individuals to easily make contactless transactions through their smartphones. This service is not only convenient, but it also eliminates the necessity for carrying physical money or cards, providing a smooth payment process.


The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia has developed a mobile application called Sehhaty that enables users to take charge of their healthcare needs. With features such as appointmant scheduling, access to health records, communication with healthcare providers, and health advice, the app enhances the haelthcare experience and empowers individuals to manage their well-being.

Al Kahraba

The Saudi Electricity Company (SEC) has developed a mobile application called AL KAHRABA, which provides a smooth and user-friendly way to manage electricity services. With this app, users can easily access their accounts, check bills and meter readings, receive notifications about power outages and report any issues. AL KAHRABA simplifies the process of interacting with SEC, giving users more authority over their electricity consumption.


MySTC KSA is an app for Saudi Telecom Company customers. It helps with telecommunication services like managing subscriptions, checking usage and bills, buying add-ons and packages, and getting customer support. The app is easy to use and helps users keep track of their telecom needs.

Google Maps

Since it’s not expected for you to be familiar with the addresses and whereabouts of a new location, it’s advisable to depend on Google maps. This tool can assist you with directions, traffic reports, efficient routes, obstacles to avoid, and evaluations of your destination.


Najm offers electronic insurance services that allow users to report incidents, record them, and track their status. The app also provides essential information such as contact details, site branches identification, and a site map for investigators. It aids in reviewing accidents, assessing damages, and filing insurance claims. Najm’s approach involves finding solutions and providing compensation to clients.

Mobile Apps for Saudi Arabia

Conclusions: Mobile Apps for Saudi Arabia

These 10 Mobile Apps for Saudi Arabia are essential for anyone living in or visiting Saudi Arabia. These apps make life easier and more convenient. Whether you’re a resident looking to streamline your daily tasks or a traveler seeking local information, there’s an app on this list for you. So download them today and start enjoying all that Saudi Arabia has to offer at your fingertips.

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