What is Najm in Saudi Arabia?

by ADeeL

Najm is a company in Saudi Arabia that helps with insurance-related services. It started in 2007 through a partnership between the Saudi Central Bank and the General Department of Traffic. Their goal is to improve the vehicle insurance sector in Saudi Arabia.

Here are the services provided by Najm:

  • Accident review: Najm examines accidents and decides who is responsible.
  • Damage assessment: Najm evaluates the damage to vehicles involved in accidents.
  • Insurance claims: Najm handles insurance claims and makes sure they are paid on time.
  • Minor accident review: Najm checks minor accidents to see if a police report is needed.
  • Customer service: Najm assists insurance companies and their customers with support.

Najm is an important company in the Saudi Arabian insurance industry. Their services make it easier and more efficient to handle accidents and insurance claims.

Najm also has a mobile app that lets users report accidents, track their claim status, and access other services. The app is available in both Arabic and English.

Najm is dedicated to giving customers the best service possible. Their experienced team is committed to resolving insurance issues quickly and effectively.

E-services of Najm

Najm offers a variety of e-services that allow customers to manage their car accident claims online. These services include:

  • Accident reporting: Customers can report accidents online or through the Najm mobile app.
  • Damage assessment: Customers can get estimates for the cost of damage to their vehicles online.
  • Insurance claims: Customers can file insurance claims online.
  • My Vehicles: Customers can view their vehicles and related policies online.
  • My Accidents: Customers can view their accident details and follow up on accident reports online.
  • Inquire About Request: Customers can track the status of their requests and upload required documents online.
  • Insurance Discount EligiBility: Customers can check their car eligibility for insurance discount online.
  • Forms and Prints: Customers can download forms and print documents online.
  • Complaint And Suggestion: Customers can submit complaints and suggestions online.
  • Adding and update: Customers can add and update their information online.
  • Domestic Labor Insurance: Customers can purchase domestic labor insurance online.

To access Najm’s e-services, customers must create an account on the Najm website. Once they have created an account, they can log in and access all of the services that are available to them.

Najm’s e-services make it easy for customers to manage their car accident claims online. These services can save customers time and hassle, and they can help customers get the compensation they deserve.

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