What is Absher Business 2023? Explain Instantly

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Absher Business e-Platform helps company owners in the kingdom with their workers’ e-transactions. It’s quick and safe. The platform started in 2017 and has all the necessary services for customers.

What is Absher-Business

Absher-Business is a platform that provides various services for businesses in Saudi Arabia. It allows business ownars and managers to access and manage their employees’ information, such as salaries, contracts, visas, permits, and more. Absher Business also enables businesses to interact with government agencies and departments, such as the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Commerce, and the General Organization for Social Insurance. Absher-Business aims to simplify and streamline the processes and procedures related to business activities in Saudi Arabia.

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Services of Absher Business

Some of the available services are as follows:

  • Providing resident IDs for employees
  • Renewing resident IDs for employees
  • Occupation Change
  • Muqeem Print Request
  • Vehicle scrap
  • Update passport information
  • Issuing exit-re-entry visas
  • Cancelling exit-re-entry visas
  • Issuing final-exit visa
  • Delivering documents.
What is Absher Business
Image Source: https://www.absher.sa/
Services of Absher Business
Image Source: https://www.absher.sa/

Absher Business – Features

  • Absher-Business offers visa-related services for small business owners with foreign employees
  • Eligible businesses have fewer than 100 employees
  • Services include resident ID issuance and renewal, profession change, and visa issuance and cancellation
  • Final-exit visa document delivery services are also available.

Future of Absher-Business

  • Absher-Business is in its early stages
  • The platform is expected to expand its range of services
  • New features will be introduced to make it more user-friendly
  • The government aims to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in Saudi Arabia
  • More businesses could use Absher-Business in the future.


Absher-Business is a digital platform that helps businesses in Saudi Arabia with government services. It makes business processes easier and provides online services for entrepreneurs. Although there are some negative points to consider, Absher Business is still useful for businesses in Saudi Arabia. It will probably grow and improve in the future.

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