Check Your Iqama Expiry Date instantly in 2023

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Do you know when your Iqama (a document for expats in Saudi Arabia) will expire? It’s important to keep track of this date to avoid legal problems. Our article will explain how to check your Iqama expiry date in 2023, including different methods and common questions. It’s important to renew your Iqama on time, so you can work and access basic services. We talked to experts and experienced expats to provide accurate information.

Two Simple Methods for Checking Your Iqama Expiry Date

If you are a foreign national living and working in Saudi Arabia, it is important to know the expiry date of your Iqama. Thankfully, there are Two easy methods for checking your Iqama expiry date. This article will provide a detailed overview of each one so that you can stay up-to-date on your legal status in the country.

Here are Two methods for check your iqama expiry

  • Absher Portal
  • MOL

Absher Portal (Iqama Expiry Date)

To check the expiration date of your residency permit (Iqama) in Saudi Arabia, follow these simple steps:

First Method:

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Open the website in your web browser.
  2. Click on the “Individuals” option on the homepage.
  3. Select English as your preferred language from the language options.
  4. Log in to your account by entering your username and password.
  5. After logging in, click on the “Query Iqama Expiry Service” option on the homepage.
  6. Enter your Iqama number and the image code.
  7. Click on the “View” button.
  8. Your Iqama status will appear on the screen, and you can see the expiration date.

By following these steps, you can easily check the expiration date of your Iqama on the Absher website.

Check Iqama Expiry Date
Iqama Expiry Date
Iqama Expiry Date
Iqama Expiry Date Through Absher

MOL (Iqama Expiry Date)

If you don’t have Absher account, Don’t Worry you can also use this method for check your iqama expiry date. You can check the validity of your Iqama on the MOL Website by following these simple step:

Second Method:

Here’s a step-by-step guide to follow:

  • Open the website in your web browser.
  • Pop-up agreement box to appear on your screen.
  • Tick the box to indicate that you agree to the turms and conditions.
  • Select the green button to proceed.
  • You will see an option to choose your preferred language: English, Arabic, or Urdu. Select the one you prefer.
  • In the first Box, enter your “Iqama Number” or “Border Number.”
  • Next, provide your date of birth. You can use either the Gregorian or Hijri calendar format.
  • Enter the image code that you see on the screen.
  • Click on the “Next” button to submit your request.
  • Once you have submitted your request, you will see the expiration date of your Iqama.
  • You will also see other information about your residence status in KSA.
Check Your Iqama Expiry through MOL
Check Your Iqama Expiry through Jawazat
Check Your Iqama Expiry through MOL website
Check your Iqama Expiry Date 2023

Pros and Cons of Checking Iqama Expiry Date


  • You can avoid fines or penalties for overstaying your visa in Saudi Arabia.
  • You can plan your travel or work arrangements accordingly and renew your iqama on time.
  • You can access various online services and benefits that require a valid iqama, such as banking, health care, education, etc.


  • You may face technical issues or errors while checking your iqama expiry date online, such as slow internet connection, outdated browser, incorrect information, etc.

Tips for Remembering Iqama Expiry Dates

Iqama is a residence permit issued by the Saudi Arabian government to foreign workers and their dependents. It is valid for a specific period of time and must be renewed before it expires. Forgetting to renew your iqama can result in fines, penalties, or even deportation. Therefore, it is important to remember your iqama expiry daite and plan ahead for the renewal process. Here are some tips to halp you keep track of your iqama expiry date:

  • Check your iqama regularly. You can find your iqama expiry date on the front side of your iqama card. You can also check your iqama status online using the Ministry of Interior website or the Absher app. Make sure you have your iqama number and a valid mobile number registered with the ministry.
  • Set reminders on your phone or calendar. You can use your phone’s alarm, calendar, or reminder app to set alerts for your iqama expiry date. You can also use online services like Google Calendar or Outlook to sync your reminders across different devices. You should set multiple reminders at different intervals, such as one month, one week, and one day before your iqama expires.
  • Renew your iqama as soon as possible. You can renew your iqama up to three months before it expires. You should not wait until the last minute to avoid any delays or complications. You will need to pay the renewal fees, submit the required documents, and undergo a medical test if applicable. You can renew your iqama online through the Absher app or visit a Jawazat office in person.
  • Keep a copy of your renewed iqama. Once you receive your renewed iqama, you should make a copy of it and keep it in a safe place. You should also update your employer, bank, and other relevant authorities with your new iqama details. You should also check your new iqama expiry date and repeat the steps above to remember it.

Final Thoughts

Iqama Expiry Date check is essential for any expatriate in Saudi Arabia. It can be done quickly and easily as outlined in this article. Knowing when your Iqama will expire ensures you have time to make the necessary arrangements for renewal before it’s too late. It’s also beneficial to know how long you have left on your Iqama, so you can plan your activities accordingly.

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FAQS: Check the Iqama expiry date

What is an Iqama?

An Iqama is a special card given by the government of Saudi Arabia to foreigners who are working in the country.

Why is it important to check the Iqama expiry date?

It’s important to check the expiry date on your Iqama so that you can avoid any problems that may come up if it’s expired. If your Iqama is expired, you could be fined or even deported.

How can I check my Iqama expiry date in 2023?

You can check the expiry date on your Iqama quickly by visiting the government’s Ministry of Interior website or by using the Absher app.

What is the Ministry of Interior’s website?

The Ministry of Interior’s website is a government website that gives information about things like living and working in Saudi Arabia.

How can I get to the Ministry of Interior’s website?

You can visit the Ministry of Interior’s website by going to

What is the Absher app?

The Absher app is a mobile app made by the Saudi Arabian government. It lets you access many different government services, including checking your Iqama expiry date.

How can I download the Absher app?

You can download the Absher app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Do I need to check my Iqama expiry date regularly?

Yes, it’s recommended that you check your Iqama expiry date often to avoid any penalties or issues that might happen if it’s expired.

What should I do if my Iqama is expired?

If your Iqama is expired, you should renew it as soon as possible to avoid any fines or problems. You can renew your Iqama on the Ministry of Interior’s website or by visiting their office.

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