Helpful List of Saudi Arabia Emergency Numbers

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Saudi Arabia Emergency Numbers- Helpful Contacts

When traveling to or residing in Saudi Arabia, it’s vital to have a list of beneficial numbers to guarantee a secure and also enjoyable experience. In this blog site short article, we will offer you with an extensive checklist of emergency numbers as well as civil services get in touches with in Saudi Arabia to aid you stay ready and also notified.

Why knowing emergency numbers is important

In Saudi Arabia, recognizing emergency situation numbers is of utmost importance for ensuring personal safety and security as well as the health of others. Emergency situation situations can arise all of a sudden, whether it be a clinical situation, a fire episode, or any other unforeseen event. Having instant accessibility to the appropriate emergency numbers can considerably lower action time as well as enhance the opportunities of getting timely support in such defining moments.

Among the important emergency numbers in Saudi Arabia are 999 for police emergencies, 998 for fire emergency situations, and also 997 for medical emergency situations. Memorizing these numbers or having them conveniently available on speed dial can show essential throughout times of distress. For instance, if you witness an automobile mishap when driving or end up being a target of theft or attack, speaking to the police immediately with their marked emergency number makes it possible for speedy action to attend to the situation suitably.

Saudi Arabia Emergency Numbers List


If you need to report a criminal offense or if you require immediate aid from the cops.

Dial – 999

Saudi Ambulance:

In case of a medical emergency situation, call to ask for an ambulance.

Dial – 997

Civil Defense:

Reach out to the Civil Defense for emergency situations related to fires, floods, or natural calamities.

Dial – 998

Website traffic Accidents:

For aid in case of a website traffic accident.

Dial – 993

Highway Patrol:

If you require help on the highway, call the Highway Patrol.

Dial – 996

Boundary Guard:

Call the Border Guard for any kind of issues or worries associated with surround safety and security.

Dial – 994

Emergency Numbers

Helpful Numbers for Tourist

Tourist Call Facility:

For info as well as aid related to tourism in Saudi Arabia.

Dial – 930

Tourism International Telephone Call Facility:

Connect to the global telephone call center for tourism inquiries.

Dial – +966920000890

Najm Firm:

For support with lorry accidents as well as insurance claims, call Najm Company.

Dial – 920000560

General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat Helpline):

For queries associated with keys as well as immigration.

Dial – 992

Consumer Solutions

Municipal Providers:

For community solutions, such as cleanliness as well as waste monitoring.

Dial – 940

Electricity Company Emergency situation:

In case of an electrical power emergency.

Dial – 933

Ministry of Transportation Emergency Situation:

Reach the Ministry of Transportation for emergency situations.

Dial – 938

Ministry of Commerce Consumer Call Center:

For consumer-related questions, call the Ministry of Commerce.

Dial – 1900

Ministry of Hajj and Umrah Customer Service:

If you have questions about Hajj or Umrah

Dail – +966920002814

Consumer Protection:

For assistance with consumer security matters.

Dial – 935

Public Security

Saudi Public Security:

Reach out to Saudi Public Security for any kind of concerns associated with public security and protection.

Dial – 989

General Enquiries:

For general queries.

Dial – 905

Emergency Situation Medical Consultation: if you need an emergency clinical examination.

If you need an emergency clinical examination.

Dial – 937

General Directorate of Narcotics Control:

Contact the General Directorate of Narcotics Control for any issues related to medicine control and enforcement.

Dial – 995

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Final Thoughts – Saudi Arabia Emergency Numbers

Having a listing of helpful contacts in Saudi Arabia is important for ensuring a secure and also smooth experience, whether you’re a visitor or a citizen. Conserve these numbers in your phone or maintain a published checklist in your pocketbook to stay ready in case of emergency situations or when you require aid.

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