How to Register and Activate Absher account Instantly | 2023

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Absher is an online platform for users in Saudi Arabia to manage their government services. Setting up an Absher account on the Absher portal is necessary for several processes such as renewing passports and visas, as well as paying traffic fines.

With this guide, you will learn how to create an Absher account instantly. You will be guided through all the steps required to set up your own profile and access all the services provided by the portal.

First of All, Understand This, There are Two Steps to complete This Process.

  1. First Step: Account Registration
  2. Second Step: Account Activation

Absher Account Registration Process

  • Steps to Create an Absher Account:
  • Visit the Absher Portal:
  • Choose the “Individuals” Option.
  • Choose the language “English.”
  • Choose “New User?” from the menu.
Absher Account
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You must complete the Absher account registration form on the following page by entering the information below;

  • Enter “IQAMA number”
  • Enter “Mobile number”
  • Enter the Username (English)
  • Create “Password”
  • Enter the “Email” Address.
  • Choose English as your preferred language.
  • Enter the image code (Same On Image).
  • To confirm the “terms and conditions”, (check the box).
  • To register for an account, click “Next.”
Absher Account
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  • Put in the verification code you were given on your phone.
  • You’ve successfully made an Absher account, so congratulations.

Now, The Next Procedure is “Account Activation”.

Absher Account Activation

After Registration, there are three unique ways to activate your Abhser.

  1. Visit Jawazat office
  2. Self-Service KIOSK Activation Machines
  3. Through the Banks

Activate Account Through “Visit Jawazat office”

Follow these steps to activate your Absher account through Jawazat offices:

  • Visit the Absher website to make an appointment.
  • At the appointed hour, visit the Jawazat office.
  • Take your national identification card and user ID.
  • To activate your account, show these documents at the counter.
  • As soon as your account has been verified, it will be immediately activated.

Activate Account Through “Self-Service KIOSK”

The steps to activate your Absher account using a self-service kiosk are as follows:

  • Go to a nearby self-service kiosk machine.
  • To choose English as your language, tap the screen.
  • Enter Your IQAMA Number
  • Repeat the process with your left index finger after placing your right one on the fingerprint reader.
  • Enter your cell phone number.
  • Complete the absher activation process by entering the secret code (OTP) that you receive through SMS.

Here is the List of:

Self-Service Registration & Activation Machines.

Absher Account
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Activate Account Through “Bank”

Additionally, you can use your bank accounts to activate your Absher account. It can be done at ATMs, over the phone, online, or via a mobile app. The banks that presently provide Absher activation are listed below, along with the methods offered:

  • SNB AlAhli
  • Al Rajhi Bank
  • Bank Aljazira
  • ANB
  • Riyad Bank
  • Samba
  • Bank Albilad
  • SABB
  • Alinma Bank

Activate Account Through “Online Banking”

Online banking can also be used to activate your Absher account. As follows:

  • Log in to the online banking platform of your bank.
  • Look for the button to activate your Absher account.
  • Check your personal details, including your registered phone number and iqama number.
  • To finish the procedure, choose “Activate.”

What is Absher?

Absher is an electronic platform created by the Saudi Arabian government to provide citizens and residents with government services. It is commonly known as the “Saudi National Digital Identity”, and allows users to access a variety of services such as renewing passports, applying for visas, paying taxes, registering births and deaths and more.

The Absher Account provides a secure way for users to manage their individual identity when interacting with governmental departments. The account allows users to store their personal information in one place, such as name, address, date of birth and other pertinent data. By using the system’s advanced security features, users can verify their identity quickly without having to submit physical documents each time they need to interact with a governmental department or service provider.

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Pros and Cons of an Create Absher Account


  1. Easy to create an Absher account with only a few steps.
  2. Easy access to the Saudi Arabia e-Government services such as passport and visa applications.
  3. Ability to track governmental services progress through the Absher account.
  4. Ability to manage finances and add funds to the account quickly and securely.
  5. Easily access personal information through the app, including ID card status and renewal fees.  


  1. There are currently language barriers when using Absher – it only supports Arabic, English and Urdu languages at present.
  2. The service is not available outside of Saudi Arabia, limiting its global reach and usefulness in other countries.

What Services does Absher Account offer?

Absher Account is the official online portal of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and provides a range of online services to its citizens. The portal offers convenient access to governmental services including paying bills, finding jobs, getting medical appointments and renewing documents. It also serves as an important tool for travellers entering or leaving the country through its visa application system and other travel related services.

The Absher Account makes it easy for users to access over 40 government services without having to visit government offices or submit paper applications. The platform simplifies the process by providing personalised accounts that enable users to manage their own information securely from any device connected to the internet.

Through this account, users can apply for:

visas, passports and ID cards; pay fees; view traffic violations; manage health records; obtain Nitaqat certificates; transfer funds electronically; check job opportunities; register cars and motorcycles and more.

What are the benefits of having an Absher account?

Absher Account

Absher is an e-government portal that allows users to manage their government services and access key information. It is a one-stop shop for citizens in Saudi Arabia, allowing them to perform a variety of tasks from the comfort of their own home. By having an Absher account, users can benefit from numerous advantages such as time savings, convenience and security.

Time savings are one of the major benefits of having an Absher account. A user can log into their account at any time of day or night and quickly carry out transactions or process applications without having to wait in long lines or travel to distant service centres. In addition, the platform offers easy navigation which makes it simple to find information and complete tasks efficiently.
The Absher platform also offers high levels of security which helps protect users’ data and personal information.

How do I create an account with Absher? Quick

How to register for Absher

Creating an account with Absher is a great way to access government services in Saudi Arabia. It’s a convenient and secure online portal that allows individuals, businesses and organisations to securely manage their documents, accounts, services and much more. In order to make use of these services, you must first create an account with Absher. Here’s how:
The first step is to visit the official website for Absher at Once there, click on ‘Create an Account’ located at the top of the page. You will then be directed to a form which requires your personal information including name, email address and phone number. Once this form has been filled out correctly, click ‘Submit’ and follow the instructions given on screen in order to complete the registration process.

What is an Absher account?

Absher is an e-service platform created by the Saudi Arabian government to provide a secure and reliable way for citizens and residents to access several governmental services. An Absher account is an essential component of this platform that allows users to easily manage their personal information, travel plans, and more.
An Absher account can be used for various activities such as applying for government services, registering vehicles, booking appointments with government offices or hospitals, renewing passports or IDs, and making payments related to traffic violations. It provides a safe and secure environment for users to access these services without having to physically appear at the relevant office each time. In addition, it reduces paperwork as users can access documents such as travel permission slips online through their Absher accounts.
The Absher account has revolutionised how people interact with the Saudi Arabian government in terms of service delivery.

Why You Need an Absher Account

An Absher Account is an online platform provided by the Saudi Arabian government to allow citizens to access various services and information. It has become increasingly important for citizens in Saudi Arabia to have an Absher Account in order to make their lives easier. Here are some of the reasons why it’s beneficial for citizens to have an Absher Account:
Firstly, having an account on this platform allows people to access a variety of services from their home or office.
For example, they can renew their driver’s license online, pay bills, book appointments with hospitals and register for activities such as cultural events or seminars. It also allows them to view their personal records and check on any governmental transactions that may affect them.
Secondly, having an Absher Account makes it easier for people to stay informed about any changes in government policies that could impact them directly or indirectly.

Conclusion: Abhser Account Registration

Learning how to create an Absher account is a fast and easy process. You can have your account set up in a matter of minutes. By taking the time to follow these steps, you can now access all the services and features available on Absher. Not only can you use this account to register yourself, but you can also use it to manage your family’s information and records. Having an Absher account gives you access to essential government services in Saudi Arabia.

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