The first-ever “Founding Day” holiday in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabians are celebrating the first-ever “Founding Day” holiday to honor three centuries since the founding of the first Saudi state.

Imam Muhammad bin Saud founded the first Saudi state in the city of Diriyah, which is located northwest of Riyadh, in 1727.

The medieval palaces and mosques have been restored in the historic capital, which has been rejuvenated since it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010.

In Diriyah, Imam Muhammad bin Saud was born in 1679. He fought an epidemic of the disease among the populace while also overseeing the state’s expansion and repelling raids by eastern Arabian troops, according to SPA.

Almost 200 years later, in 1932, his descendant King Abdul-Aziz combined the western kingdom of Hejaz with the kingdom of Najd, headquartered around Diriyah. This became the contemporary Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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King Abdullah declared this unity a holiday in 2005, and September 23 is now known as Saudi National Day.

At the Wadi Namar tourist destination in southern Riyadh, an epic poem is recited as part of the Foundation Day celebrations.

3,500 actors will conduct “The Beginning’s March” along the two-kilometer wadi stretch as part of the event.

The Mohammed Abdu Arena theater in Riyadh will host a musical theater event on Wednesday that also explores the history of the Kingdom.

Founding Day

On Thursday night, fireworks will illuminate the sky above Riyadh.

From Tuesday through Thursday, the National Museum in Riyadh will feature a number of interactive workshops and conversations on the history and culture of the Kingdom.

Additional activities include showing off Saudi Arabia’s traditional attire to guests and honoring Saudi coffee.

The public prosecution hosted a seminar on Monday to highlight the legal and theological foundations of Saudi society, which were established by its founder, Imam Muhammad bin Saud.

According to the Saudi News Agency, these foundations confirmed the “strong relationship between the citizen and the government.” Attorney General Sheikh Saud bin Abdullah Al-Mujib acknowledged as much.

Dr. Maha al-Mutlaq, dean of the College of Law at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University, emphasized the contribution Saudi women have made to society ever since the country’s founding.

She also welcomed recent advancements in women’s rights, according to SPA.

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