How AECOM is supporting Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030

by ADeeL

Saudi Arabia has a big plan called Vision 2030 to make their country better in many ways. They want to make their economy stronger, improve their society and culture, and make their country more competitive around the world. AECOM is a company that helps build things like airports, buildings, and roads. They have been working in Saudi Arabia since 1966 and have a lot of experience working with the people there. They help with all kinds of things like designing cities, making sure buildings are safe, and managing big projects.

One of the biggest things they are working on is the NEOM International Airport. This airport will be a really advanced airport and will help people get to a new smart city called NEOM. This city wants to be a really innovative and creative place that people from all over the world will want to come to. AECOM is helping to manage the construction of the airport, making sure everything is done right.

Another big project they are working on is improving the city of Jeddah. They are helping to make new plans that will make the city better. This includes things like making it easier for people to get around, creating more jobs, and making sure the city is ready for challenges like flooding and climate change.

AECOM is proud to be a part of helping Saudi Arabia achieve its goals for Vision 2030. They want to help make the country a better place to live and work.

AECOM is supporting Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030

AECOM is also supporting the Saudi Zakat Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA), a vital institution for generating national revenue and facilitating cross-border trade with Saudi Arabia. AECOM is providing program management services for ZATCA’s portfolio of infrastructure projects across the Kingdom, ensuring quality, efficiency and alignment with the Kingdom’s strategic objectives.

These are just some of the examples of how AECOM is supporting Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, by delivering world-class infrastructure solutions that create positive economic, social and environmental outcomes for the Kingdom and its people.

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