Jeddah Municipality’s rainfall committee discusses preparation for wet season

by ADeeL

Saudi Gazette report

JEDDAH — The Everlasting Rainfall Committee of Jeddah Municipality held its periodic assembly to debate preparations for the wet season anticipated to be witnessed by the governorate through the coming interval of this yr.

In the course of the assembly, the committee mentioned the manager plans to confront the consequences that will end result from the rain.

Furthermore, they mentioned the preparations, hypotheses, authorised plans, and coordination mechanism with the related involved authorities.

This was performed as a way to elevate full readiness to implement subject work in accordance with the determined plans.

The rain plans additionally included the early preparation for the season by working to keep up and clear the prevailing rainwater drainage community.

Moreover, to make sure the readiness of pumps, tools, in addition to people, and reviewing the distribution of the crew to help facilities and focal factors.

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